Ms Nadine Leclair
Senior VP, Expert Fellow, Member of Board of Directors, Renault
« Connected and autonomous vehicles, a major challenge for the Automotive industry »

Dr Hans-Peter Schöner
Senior Automotive Expert, Driving Simulation Association
Former Head of Driving Simulation & Vehicle Testing, Daimler AG
« Automotive Needs and Expectations towards Next Generation Driving Simulation »

Pr James H. Oliver
Professor, Iowa State University, Director, Virtual Reality Applications Center
« Virtual and Augmented Reality: From Promise to Productivity »

Pr Natasha Merat
Professor, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds
« Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation for Human Factors Challenges and Opportunities of Automated Vehicles »

Dr George Drettakis
Research Director, INRIA
« Algorithms for Image-Based Rendering with an Application for Driving Simulation »

Pr Jelte Bos
Professor, TNO, The Netherlands
« Motion sickness, simulator sickness and automated vehicles »

Dr Serge Tisseron
Member of the French Academy of Technologies
« Why did Humans invent Virtual Reality? »

Dr Mike Blommer
Technical Leader, Ford Motor Company
« Ford’s use of driving simulation technology for automated driving feature development »